Power to Soar Foundation | About
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Who we are

Power to Soar Foundation (PSF), a 501 c3 (EIN# 47-4727706) nonprofit organization, established in August 2015 in Novato, California.


Our Vision

A brighter future for Orphan and Foster youth through supporting education and related needs.


Our Mission

Power to Soar Foundation (PSF) is dedicated to motivate the motivated youth by providing educational grants to help complete high school and college successfully. PSF will also assist students with boarding and lodging needs, so that they may successfully focus on their educational goals to help them toward a productive life. In addition, support institutions that educate and shelter orphan and foster youth by providing funds and/or resources.


Our Purpose

A foundation dedicated to empower orphans and foster youth by providing educational grants to help them complete high school and college education successfully. In addition, to support boarding, lodging, and other needs so students can focus on their education for a successful and productive life.


Our accomplishments

  • 20 Scholars supported with 9 graduates
  • 9 engaged volunteers
  • Partnership with 2 universities
  • Over $100K raised for scholarships and critical needs fund
  • 50+ donors support our cause


Our Team

The Executive Board shall consist of Officers of PSF


  • President: Vimal Srivastava
  • Secretary: Nadine Suto
  • Treasurer: Aaron Olsen
  • Vice President: Ramesh Srivastava
  • Directors: Todd Stevenot and Clapton Dias


Duties of the Executive Board may include the appointment of officers to fill vacancies; approval of projects in accordance with vision/mission, budget approval, and compliance. It is the responsibility of the Executive Board to oversee, review and make financial decisions necessary to ensure that PSF remains in good financial standing.


Officers shall serve without compensation. Officers may not be compensated for rendering services in any capacity other than reimbursement of a direct event or business expenses related to the business of PSF.


Executive Director, Andrea Srivastava, is in charge of the running of PSF, developing projects and fundraising.

Contact: powertosoarfoundation@gmail.com